Technology Seed Funding Call – Round 2


Scope of Funding

SULSA is delighted to introduce a second round of our highly successful Technology seed funding call to fund small grants aimed at forming new collaborations to implement research involving disruptive technologies including those showcased at the Disruptive Technologies conference.

This fund is to provide researchers with funding to access the wide variety of excellent facilities in Scotland, and to kick start innovative new research projects driven by cutting-edge technologies in the life sciences field.

Projects should show demonstrable potential for securing funding leverage. This scheme is not for continued funding of existing projects. Researchers can apply for a maximum of £10,000. We expect to award up to six grants.

Round 1 funded projects can be found on our Funded Projects page.

  • At least two of the project applicants must have attended SULSA’s Disruptive Technology conference in September 2019.
  • Applicants can be academics, post-graduate students, technologists and technicians, or anyone with a PhD employed as a researcher.
  • Lead applicants can be academics, technologists and technicians, or anyone with a PhD employed as a researcher. PhD students can be co-applicants.
  • All applicants must be employed within a SULSA member university.
  • There must be at least two applicants, from two different SULSA universities. If there are multiple applicants then they must be from at least two different SULSA universities, and we would encourage the inclusion of multiple SULSA universities if there are a number of co-applicants.
  • Unsuccessful projects from round one are not eligible to re-apply.  However, we welcome applicants from round one to apply with a new project.
  • The facility can be from one of the applicant’s host institutions (but doesn’t have to be), and must be in Scotland.
  • The facility contact can be a co-applicant (although we appreciate sometimes this may not be relevant)
  • All applicants must have at least 12 months remaining on their contract/current funding from the 1st November 2019. If your contract is ending before then, you are still eligible if you can secure a letter from your host institution confirming that your contract will be extended.
Funding Information and Conditions
  • A maximum of £10,000 will be awarded. This award can be used to cover consumables and facilities access only.
  • We expect that funds will be awarded in November 2019, and transfers to the lead applicant’s institution will be in November 2019.
  • Normally, funds are awarded to the lead applicant’s institution only; however upon request funds can be divided up between applicant’s host institutions.
  • Updates on the collaboration will be provided to SULSA as and when requested. SULSA reserves the right to clawback funds not used in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  • A short report (template will be provided) to be submitted to SULSA after the collaboration project has ended summarising the outputs.

Notification of Outcome

Successful applications will be notified by email.

Payment of Funds

If successful, funds will be transferred to your lead Institution. Funds must be spent within 12 months. Upon request funds can be divided up between applicant’s host institutions.


You must provide the SULSA administration with project updates and outcomes when requested for reporting purposes. If this project leads to a published article, or leverages grant funding, please contact the SULSA administration to make them aware.

How to Apply

Application Deadline: 5pm on Friday 1st November 2019

Funding Guidelines: Please read over our Technology Seed Funding Call Guidelines 

Application Form: Complete the Technology Seed Funding Application Form

How to Apply: Please submit your application (a single PDF) to by the above deadline

For information on SULSA’s Disruptive Technologies conference, please visit conference page: