Workshop Options

Research Project Management

Full day course
Level: Aimed at all postdoctoral levels

Project management plays a key role in the delivery of research from the development of robust project plans to enable grant capture through to the eventual delivery of the project.   This participative workshop explores how project management approaches can be used throughout the research process.  The workshop will specifically focus on the context of postdoctoral researchers and new PIs working in life science contexts.   Topics that will be explored throughout the workshop will include:

  • Identification of project success within the life sciences context.
  • Project definition including defining working relationships with stakeholders and collaborators.
  • Definition of project scope.
  • Planning processes including the development of timelines, risk management, structures to enable delegation, and budget development.
  • Project reporting and resolving project issues.
  • Project close out to build research capacity and capability.

Resilience: Bouncing Back in Competitive Work Environments

Full day course
Level: Aimed at all postdoctoral levels

Academia can be challenging with many individuals working very long hours and frequent points where people can be critical of your work especially around funding proposals and paper submission.  In this practically focussed workshop we will look at how to become more resilient in this competitive environment and when rejection and failure is a common occurrence.  Some of the themes we will explore include:

  • Strategies to enable you to be more resilient in your day to day work.
  • Understanding how to respond to stress in the workplace.
  • Becoming more aware of triggers that might indicate when work is starting to overwhelm you.
  • How to build mindsets which allow you to bounce back from rejection more effectively.
  • Approaches to overcoming imposter syndrome.

Through a number of group, pair and individual activities we will look at practical tools to support you develop a long term approach to being resilient.


Steps to Research Leadership

Full day course
Level: Aimed at postdocs with at least three years’ postdoc experience who are looking to become independent within the next 1-2 years

This workshop examines how as a postdoctoral researcher (or new PI) you develop greater independence and with this an increased control of your career direction.  Within this context the workshop will explore two key themes:

  • Making strategic career decisions which enable you to develop greater career autonomy.  Within this section of the workshop we will use a strategic planning approach to explore the research and funding environment, your career aspirations, and the expectations on researchers, to develop clear plans of how you can develop your career proactively.
  • The challenges of taking a greater leadership role in the work that you do.  Within this part of the workshop topics that will be explored will include developing a leadership mindset and developing a practical understanding the skills that are required to take a greater leadership role.

By the end of the workshop you will have identified key changes that you can make both in terms of supporting yourself develop your career in the direction that you want to take it, and have a clear view of how to adapt to take a greater leadership role in your work.


Working Effectively with Industry

Full day course
Level: Aimed at all postdoctoral levels

Understanding how to engage with industry can provide the edge in today’s competitive environment whether you are an academic looking to collaborate for funding, a job seeker looking for opportunities or an entrepreneur building your own business.

Gain a working knowledge of the critical business issues that impact commercial life science organisations. Find out what’s important to industry and learn to articulate your research in a business-centred manner to show how you can add value. 

We’ll cover topics including:

  • Understanding the context organisations work in the bioeconomy
  • Understanding how organisations work
  • Networking and collaborating with industry
  • Communicating your research in an industry friendly way
  • Cultural difference between business and academic environment
  • Identify and creating opportunities
Dates and Locations

Course Information and Requirements

Course registration fee and catering will be covered by SULSA.  If you are attending a course away from your home city you must cover your own travel costs.

You must be a postdoctoral researcher at a SULSA institution to attend a course.

There will be a maximum of 20 participants per course.

How to Apply

Application Deadline: Friday 5th April 2019

How to Apply:  Places at the workshops are limited so please complete the Postdoctoral Researcher Training Application Form and return to before the above deadline.

Outcome: You will be notified by early May if you have successfully secured a place on your chosen course

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