Postdocs 2 Innovators Enterprise Fair


19th – 21st November 2018

Event Description

Join researchers from across Europe to learn about entrepreneurship and extend your professional networks!

Meet inspirational guest speakers, including sector experts and entrepreneurs, who can provide valuable insights into the process of research commercialisation.

This event will include a tour of BioCity Glasgow (Scotland’s Life Sciences incubator) as well as talks and practical activities to help you learn about different Life Sciences business, how to protect your ideas and where to get funding and support to develop them. By participating in this event, you will have a better understanding of what motivates you and increased confidence and know how on how to turn your ideas into reality.


Speakers will share their knowledge of:


  • Creative thinking and what being enterprising means to them
  • Business planning and different models of research commercialisation (including spin-outs and licensing)
  • Protecting your ideas and intellectual property
  • Compelling and convincing communication, that helps you to bring others on board and win funding
  • How to inspire and motivate others – the skills needed to build strong working relationships, whether you see yourself as working in business or building a research group
  • Sources of support, advice and funding
  • Resilience and how to deal with set-backs
  • Networking – how to make it fun and useful, rather than something to dread!

Speakers and guests include:

  • Bonnie Dean, Vice Principal, Corporate Engagement and Innovation, University of Glasgow
  • Robert Clint, Spiritus
  • Richard Taylor, Vector Photonics
  • Derek Gilchrist, Causeway Therapeutics
  • Barbara Blaney, Biocity Glasgow
  • Sarah Hardy, Archangels
  • Adrian Freeman, Astrazeneca
  • George Baillie, Dean of Graduate Studies (College of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences), University of Glasgow
  • Claudia Cavalluzo, Converge Challenge
  • Kev Walls and Alison Gray, Skillfluence
This event is exclusively open to postdocs from participating institutions.  A limited number of places are available, and attendance is by application only.  Please note you are not guaranteed a place. Applicants must apply through either the University of Glasgow (Glasgow staff only) or SULSA.
If you are a University of Glasgow staff member, you should apply via Please do not apply via SULSA.
You do not need to have a business idea to participate. The Fair is aimed at postdoctoral researchers from the life sciences with an interest in:
  • Exploring the commercial possibilities of a research idea
  • Knowledge exchange, research impact and winning funding for academic career progression
  • Future employment in industry (particularly with small start-ups)
  • Exploring your career motivations and building a network of like-minded entrepreneurial postdocs across Europe
  • The future of biosciences – explore opportunities in Biotech and Blockchain, as well as meeting experts with experience of working in pharmaceutical, bioengineering, bioinformatics start-ups.
How to Apply

Application Deadline: Friday 19th October 2018 at 5pm

How to Apply:  Please complete the p2i Enterprise Fair Application Form and return to before the above deadline.  If you are a University of Glasgow staff member, you should apply via Please do not apply via SULSA.

Outcome: You will be notified by early November if you have successfully secured a position at the fair

For more information contact the SULSA Operations Officer –

Meet experts, discover entrepreneurship opportunities, and tour the facilities of BioCity Glasgow