Scottish Universities Life Science Alliance

SULSA is a strategic alliance between eleven
Scottish Universities that aims to advance
Scotland’s research and innovation in the
life sciences


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In the wake of the global pandemic and economic crisis, SULSA is working on some new projects with the overall aim of supporting economic recovery and societal change. Our key areas of focus are:

Area One

Drive transformative and ambitious research and innovation

Area Two

Support economic recovery through targeted skills training

Area Three

Attract global talent to the UK and foster strong international partnerships

Area Four

Actively support lifelong learning and the improvement of our research culture

Together with our SFC-funded Research Pools, SULSA has created a brand new website ‘Research and Innovation Scotland‘. This resource has been designed to inform on interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral activities happening in Scotland. You can find out about webinars, workshops and conferences, get a bigger picture of the research and innovation landscape in Scotland and learn about funding opportunities. 

Researcher Development

Explore our researcher development events, workshops & awards


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Research Themes

SULSA is divided into four research themes with each theme having it’s own theme leader


SULSA invites you to apply for various funding opportunities which will be added to our website when available