SULSA has funding available to sponsor Scottish Life Sciences Networks. In special circumstances SULSA will also consider conference support.

Sponsorship requirements:

  • SULSA’s sponsorship of the event will be mentioned on all literature, including any web page relating to the event (which should provide a link to SULSA’s web site), and display of pop-up banners.
  • A SULSA representative will be entitled to attend the event and be given a five-minute slot to say a few words about SULSA (we may not always take up that entitlement).
  • A brief report of the conference (500 to 1000 words) will be provided to SULSA.

How to request funding:

SULSA-sponsored events:

IBioIC iGEM Event 2016
Scottish Metabolomics Network Annual Conference 2016
Strathclyde Engage – Images of Research Exhibition 2017
17th BioDundee International Conference 2017
Scottish Metabolomics Network Symposium 2017
Glasgow Microbiology Collective 2017

Travel Funding

Please find a list of travel award funders to attend conferences and small grants for short-term exchange visits to other laboratories.