Open call for cell-based assay proposals

Open call for cell-based assays to be screened at the National Phenotypic Screening Centre (NPSC)

We are looking for academics, clinicians and SMEs to propose novel cell-based assays or small model organisms for phenotypic screening.

  • Selected proposals are screened free of charge.
  • We are selecting our first round of assays on 30th June 2016.
  • Call guidelines and  instructions on how to apply can be found on the NPSC website.
What is Phenotypic Screening?

A phenotype is one or more observable features or traits that report changes in a single cell, group of cells, organ or multicellular organism’s genotype, epigenotype or its reaction its environment.

Unlike a genotype, a phenotype can be described at many different levels: quite simply, by relying on a single or a handful of measures (such as levels of a set of biomarkers or a spatial determinant such as the altered location of a protein in the cell); or more complexly, where only the combined profile or “fingerprint” of hundred or thousands of parameters (such as cell morphology, movement characteristics in addition to a slew of changes in biomarker levels or in biomarker locations) is required to describe the phenotype.

What is NPSC?

NPSC is a new drug discovery venture, embedded in the academic sector, focused on rebalancing the current emphasis on target-based screening in order to identify new pharmaceuticals to tackle complex human diseases. 

NSPC’s approaches capitalize on recent technological advances that span genetics, stem cell biology, tissue and organ culture systems, high-content imaging, high-throughput flow cytometry and label-free screening, advanced informatics and modelling and small molecule chemical technologies.

NPSC has state of the art phenotypic screening facilities that include a range of robotics, readers and cell culture facilities that are described here in detail: NPSC facilities.

NPSC comprises:
  • A central compound bank. 
  • Three phenotypic screening centres in Dundee and Oxford.
  • An assay development centre in Edinburgh
  • A unified management structure and network to organize and integrate platforms for chemo-informatics, high-content screening and assay development, cellular technology and repositories, data processing and storage.
  • Chemistry support for validation of hit compounds. 
How to put your assay forward? 

If you think you have a phenotypic assay which could be useful for drug discovery, please visit the NPSC website to find the call topics and guidelines for submission.

First deadline for submissions: 30th June 2016.

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