SULSA Researcher Spinouts

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Since 2010, SULSA funded researchers have spun out 3 new businesses, that capitalise on SULSA research outputs. 


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exscientia's Automated Invention is a state-of-the-art, proprietary computational design technology that represents a completely new way to invent and optimise new medicines. Molecules can be designed against multi-target profiles in order to enhance efficacy, safety and development efficiency. exscientia is the pioneer in exploiting the explosion in biomedical data to the design of new molecules. The spin-out was founded by SULSA Professor Andrew Hopkins at the University of Dundee.


Kinetic Discovery offers drug discovery services as hit identification, confirmation and validation. Our sensitive technology can be used to determine affinity of target/analyte interaction, kinetics of binding or screen compounds with molecular weight as low as 100 Da.  The spin-out was founded by SULSA Professor Andrew Hopkins at the University of Dundee. 


SESMOS Ltd is a life sciences company that develops novel compounds for drug discovery. The core of our technology is based on miniaturised small molecule libraries and fully quantitative and quality controlled biophysical screening technologies from the University of Edinburgh, linked with innovative label free biosensor chip technology from Siemens AG. The company has secured funding and management support from Siemens and Scottish Enterprise and is located in the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. The spin-out was founded by SULSA Professor Manfred Auer at the University of Edinburgh.


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