Bioindustry, Skills, Knowledge and People Exchange (BioSKAPE) is a programme that links companies to universities that aims to address key skills and knowledge exchange needs of the Life Sciences industry in Scotland. The proposal is driven by industry demands and has been developed by SULSA with the support of BIA-Scotland and the Life Sciences Advisory Board (LiSAB) People Workstream.

The programme aims to capitalise on 4 knowledge exchange activities:

  • 22 industry-partnered PhD studentships that will address skills needs and promote industry-academia collaboration
  • 36 12-month industry placement schemes for undergraduate students (submitted as a complementary strategic skills proposal
  • Postdoctoral academia-industry people-exchanges
  • 2 industry-academia masterclasses and technology showcases  

The BioSKAPE Postdoctoral interchanges and Industry Masterclasses are co-funded by the BBSRC

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