Knowledge Exchange

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SULSA aims to increase both the volume and value of knowledge exchange outputs from the participating universities by supporting collaborative activities across its research themes and by exploiting the opportunities for knowledge exchange emerging from SULSA-supported facilities, studentships and researchers.

SULSA universities have a combined life sciences intellectual property portfolio of 333 patent families, and in 2006 generated life science-related licensing income in the region of £6.5 million.

University Technology enables companies and investors from business and industry to identify and exploit new technology opportunities which are available from Scotland’s academic research base

The SULSA Knowledge Exchange Committee, which is made up of representatives from the research and
commercialisation offices of each of the participating SULSA institutions, is working to help SULSA developing productive collaborative links with the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. The Committee is also identifying new knowledge exchange opportunities generated by SULSA and sources of funding to develop those opportunities.

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