The SULSA Consortium was founded by six original SULSA members who make up the Executive Committee. Institutions not currently part of the SULSA alliance are invited to join as an Associate Member.

What are the benefits of Associate Membership?
  • Full access to funding calls and other SULSA activities
  • Full access to SULSA workshops and training sessions
  • Ability to appoint one or more scientific advisors depending on your areas of research
  • Attendance at the Executive Committee Meetings which take place four times per year (Associate Members do not have voting rights)
  • Be full party to future project consortia developed under SULSA
  • Receive newsletters, research support calls, consultations and networking opportunities
  • Submit news and material to the SULSA website and Twitter account
  • Advertisement of institutional logo on SULSA publicity material and website
Cost of Associate Membership
Associate membership costs £8,000 per academic year. A pro-rata fee will be calculated when a member joins.
How to Apply
  • All applicants will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. Subject to the agreement of the Executive Committee the applicant will be invited to discuss their application further with the SULSA Director or Executive Director
  • Applicants invited to become a member will be asked to sign an Associate Membership Agreement and complete the Associate Member Audit Form